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Need cash to buy an investment property?

We specialize in Pre-Title Foreclosure Lending

Our unique gap or mezzanine financing on foreclosed homes fills a unique niche in the marketplace for aggressive buyers who look to leverage their rehab buying opportunity.

Banks and hard money lenders do not want to risk lending on foreclosed, un-rehabbed and pre-title homes.

At that juncture its your cash and your rehab estimate and vision that makes or breaks a deal.

That's where comes in. We're different, we understand the needs of investors on investment properties bought through the foreclosure process. To meet this demand for capital, we created a structured finance product to serve the rehab investor.

With us, there is no need to mortgage your other investment properties or borrow against your home. This saves you both the costs and hassle of securing a separate loan with required appraisals, paperwork, and the typical banking red tape.

Our process is simple, all we need to start is our quick one page loan inquiry form or you can call us at 678-381-0780